Losing Weight With Hypothyroidism – The Best & Safe Weight Loss Method

People suffering from hypothyroidism often lose weight because of the side effects of the medications. Almost all of the medications and drugs that doctors and physicians prescribe to their patients with hypothyroidism have one common side effect: weight loss.

Although weight loss is commonly associated with hypothyroidism, that is not often the kind of weight loss that people are thinking about. People are most likely thinking about the weight loss through diet changes and exercises. Isn’t it impossible to lose weight healthily when you have hypothyroidism? Would that be harmful to even try to lose weight?

Weight loss Advice for Hypothyroidism Patients

hypothyroid-dietThe answer to both of these questions is no. It is not impossible to lose weight healthily for a person with hypothyroidism. It is also not harmful for a person with hypothyroidism to lose weight. Through proper diet and exercises, a person with hypothyroidism can lose weight.

But one thing you should know is there are many weight loss method that can hurt your thyroid like low carbs diet , low fat diet , My suggestion is to avoid Quick Fix weight loss and choose the safe diet method like hypothyroidism revolution diet, because the quick fix diet will increase your stress hormone and hurt your thyroid at end . Don’t trade your thyroid health to lose just a few pounds fast

The longer that it takes you to get diagnosed with hypothyroidism, the more weight you may end up gaining. As your condition gets worse and worse, your metabolism will get slower and slower. If you have a slow metabolism, it would take longer for you to digest and process foods out of your body. As a result, you would gain a lot of weight.

There are many ways that you can regulate and increase your metabolism. The easiest way would be through exercise. Yoga, Zumba, stretching, running, jogging, etc. will help increase and regulate your metabolism. Easy and basic exercises such as push-ups, sit-ups, and crunches can also help.

What You need to do

Because patients with hypothyroidism will have a slower metabolism, you want to make sure that you do not overeat. If you overeat, your body cannot keep up. When your body cannot keep up, you will gain weight. Try drinking water. Water can help fight hunger and food cravings. Drinking water will help you feel like you are full without giving you the calories from food. Also, try to eat a lot of fiber.

Fiber is very important for digestion. However, only a handful of people eat enough fiber a day. It is especially important for patients with hypothyroidism to eat foods rich in fiber. Since many thyroid patients struggle with constipation, and extra weight, fiber can help.


Patients with hypothyroidism should avoid processed foods. This is because processed foods contain harmful toxin that can suppress your thyroid function. Processed foods also contain a lot of oils and fats that your body does not need. Stay away from processed foods if you want to stay healthy and lose weight.

Weight loss and Hypothyroid Medication

Although many patients with hypothyroidism do lose weight, many people gain weight as well. Why they do is not clear. It may be that hunger is causing the patients with hypothyroidism to be hungry be often. Therefore, they would eat excess calories. Another reason for weight gain could be improper medications. Some people take too much thyroid medication. Or they are taking the wrong thyroid medication. If you are experiencing any side effect concerning your thyroid medication, you should talk to your doctor or physician right away. You do not want to wait till it is too late.

Some of the drugs that doctors and physicians give you would have weight gain as a side effect. You need to look out and be careful of these side effects. The following drugs and medications will often be prescribed to hypothyroid patients that have a side effect as weight gain;

  • the antithyroid drug PTU
  • beta blockers
  • steroid anti-inflammatories
  • estrogen and progesterone
  • certain antidepressants (Prozac, Paxil, Zoloft, etc.)
  • and mood stabilizing drugs.

So, if all your diet changes and exercises are not helping you lose weight, then it could be the medications and drugs you are taking.

Recommended Hypothyroidism Weight Loss Method

Hypothyroidism RevolutionHaving hypothyroidism doesn’t mean that you cannot lose weight. With proper exercise and diet changes, you could lose weight. There is a Hypothyroid Weight Loss program that I really recommend it is called Hypothyroidism Revolution by Tom Brimeyer.

This Program is not a quick fix weight loss program that can hurt your thyroid like the others . This Program can’t make you lose weight very fast but it will focus on healing your thyroid first and after that you can expect  to lose weight safely & healthy.

Just like every diet plan and exercise plan, you need to stick with it. Change and weight loss cannot happen overnight. You have to put a lot of work, effort, and time into it.


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